Hose materials

Hose materials according to ozone, acid gas and low permeability, the degree of heat resistance requirements, in accordance with the cost-performance balance, transformation and selection of materials. But the high pressure and low permeability, refrigerant, continuously variable transmission (CVT), will become the next major technology issues, with supporting material selection and combination of technologies under development. For example, plastic fuel tube adhesive layer has been developed to use fluorine rubber, chlorohydrin rubber or acrylic rubber instead of nitrile rubber, to lower fuel permeability and to further improve thermal performance. Power operated hose (PS) NBR is the inner, outer layer is CR, but in order to improve heat resistance, low-voltage side of the ACM, high pressure side the innermost of HNBR and its service life is increased four to five times. Prevent global warming-Kyoto (COP-3) proposed the abolition of all HFC, it can be foreseen that refrigerant will change in the future, rubber materials also changes.