Hose material properties test method

Common of rubber tube of material performance of test has stretch performance, hardness, tear strength, stick with strength, resistance liquid performance, air aging, compression permanent deformation and stretch permanent deformation, ozone aging, low temperature performance, metal corrosion sex and penetration sex,, usually within rubber to by heat sex and resistance transmission liquid of capacity select, and outer rubber needed heat, resistance ozone and the and within rubber stick with performance good. These tests generally test pieces, mainly for product quality control. Due to its curing conditions and hose real curing conditions, evaluation of materials are often provided for the preparation of samples on from the hose and at the time of evaluation of durability of materials, from under certain conditions hold or cut samples on the hose after use. Due to the rubber tube using its particular conditions, these General properties of selected trials where there is different from that of other rubber products as well as the elongation measurement, permeability test as a wall material is often needed, contact due to the metal fitting and the need for metal corrosion test.