Coolant hoses

As a flexible pipe connections, pressure of the coolant hoses are widely applied in automobile accumulators and auxiliary heat exchanger. In order to guarantee the smoothly flowing through the cooling liquid into the manifold and valve body needs coolant hoses using a strange-looking tree-branch channels. Coolant hoses should not only meet the functions, structure and performance of requirements, must also guarantee and layout is extremely complex and compact engine compartment completely fit. Influence of putting aside talk about design, engine heat radiation and soaked in oil to make external coolant hose is aging. However, the most common age is from inside to outside. So, when outside when there is a tiny needle, it shows that it has serious corrosion within the hose. The loss of Groove is a result of electrochemical corrosion, is also tiny battery cooling system effects of natural phenomena. The oxygen in the air is one of the main factors causing the chemical reaction, thus improving the cooling system filling process can effectively prevent the occurrence of such incidents.